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Questa operazione deve essere eseguita a motore spento e lame ferme. Durante le operazioni di manutenzione, scollegare la macchina dalla rete elettrica.

Verificare periodicamente lo stato dei cavi elettrici e sostituirli qualora siano deteriorati o il loro isolamento risulti danneggiato.

Il cavo di alimentazione della macchina, se danneggiato, deve essere sostituito unicamente con un ricambio originale, da parte di un tecnico qualificato.

Ogni operazione di manutenzione non inclusa in questo manuale deve essere eseguita esclusivamente dal vostro Rivenditore. Al termine di ogni sessione di lavoro, ripulire accuratamente la macchina da polvere e detriti, riparare o sostituire le parti difettose.

La macchina deve essere conservata in un luogo asciutto, al riparo dalle intemperie e fuori dalla portata dei bambini.

We hope that you will be completely satisfied with this machine and that it fully meets your expectations.

This manual has been compiled in order to provide you with all the information you need to get acquainted with the machine and use it safely and efficiently.

Your new machine has been designed and manufactured in pursuance with current regulations, and is safe and reliable if used in compliance with the instructions provided in this manual proper use.

The warranty period is 24 months beginning from the hand-over of the device which has to be proved by the original purchasing document.

For commercial use and use for rent, the warranty period is reduced to 12 months. Wearing parts and defects caused by the use of not fitting accessories, repair with parts that are no original parts of the manufacturer, use of force, strokes and breaking as well as mischievous overloading of the motor are excluded from this warranty.

Warranty replacement does only include defective parts, not complete devices. In the case of any intervention of not authorized personnel, the warranty will be held void.

All postage or delivery costs as well as any other subsequent expenses will be borne by the customer. Since we regular improve our products, you may find slight differences between your machine and the descriptions contained in this manual.

Modifications can be made to the machine without notice and without the obligation to update the manual, although the essential safety and function characteristics will remain unaltered.

In case of any doubts, please contact your dealer. And now enjoy your work! Safety warnings Machine assembly Preparing to work How to start - Stop the motor Using the machine Maintenance and storage EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment and its implementation in accordance with national law, electric equipment.

If electrical appliances are disposed of in landfills or dumps, hazardous substances can leak into the groundwater and get into the foodchain, damaging your health and well-being.

For further information on the disposal of this product, please contact your dealer or your nearest domestic waste collection service. The vibration value indicated was determined with a standardized tool and can be used to make comparisons with other electric equipment as well as temporary estimates of the load through the vibrations.

The vibration value may vary according to the usage of the machine and its fitted equipment, and be higher than the one indicated.

Safety measures must be established to protect the user and must be based on the load estimate generated by the vibrations in real usage conditions.

In this regard, all the operational cycle phases must be taken into consideration, such as switching off or idle running.

Wear safetyglasses and hearing protection. Keep cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges or moving parts. Using a cord suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk of electric shock.

Using an RCD reduces the risk of electric shock. Non-observance will result in the risk of injury to oneself or others.

Non-observance will result in the risk of serious injury or death to oneself or others. Read all safety warnings and all instructions. Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.

Cluttered or dark areas invite accidents. Power tools create sparks which may ignite the dust or fumes. Distractions can cause you to lose control.

Do not use any adapter plugs with earthed grounded power tools. There is an increased risk of electric shock if your body is earthed or grounded.

Water entering a power tool will increase. Do not use a power tool while you are tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication.

A moment of inattention while operating power tools may result in serious personal injury. Always wear eye protection.

Protective equipment such as dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing protection used for appropriate conditions will reduce personal injuries.

Ensure the switch is in the off-position before connecting to power source, picking up or carrying the tool. Carrying power tools with your finger on the switch or energising power tools that have the switch on invites accidents.

A wrench or a key left attached to a rotating part of the power tool may result in personal injury. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.

This enables better control of the power tool in unexpected situations. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery.

Keep your hair, clothing and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewellery or long hair can be caught in moving parts.

Use of dust collection can reduce dust-related hazards. Any power tool that cannot be controlled with the switch is dangerous and must be repaired.

Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting. Power tools are dangerous in the hands of untrained users. If damaged, have the power tool repaired before use.

Many accidents are caused by poorly maintained power tools. Properly maintained cutting tools with sharp cutting edges are less likely to become jammed and are easier to control.

Using the power tool for operations other than those intended could result in a hazardous situation. This will ensure that the safety of the power tool is maintained.

The safety rules must be observed during machine use. Keep the instructions in a good state for future use.

Do not remove cut material or hold material to be cut when blades are moving. Make sure the switch is off when clearing jammed material.

A moment of inattention while operating the hedge trimmer may result in serious personal injury. When transporting or storing the hedge trimmer always fit the cutting device guard.

Proper handling of the hedge trimmer will reduce possible personal injury from the cutter blades. During operation the cable may be hidden in shrubs and can be.

When using the machine, always use caution and take on a firm and well-balanced position. Do not use the machine if you are unable to hold it with both hands or keep it steady on your legs while working.

Never allow children or persons unfamiliar with these instructions to use the machine. Local regulations can restrict the age of the user.

When using a vehicle to transport the machine, position it so that it can cause no danger to persons and fasten it firmly.

Before tackling a job for the first time, it is advisable to gain the necessary familiarity with the machine and the most suitable techniques, finding out how to firmly grip the machine and perform the movements required by this particular job.

Mount the components ve ry carefully so as not to impair the safety and efficiency of the machine. If in doubt, contact your dealer.

Make sure the machine is not plugged into the mains socket. Electricity and moisture are not compatible. Incorrect wiring can cause serious injury and even death.

The motor will stop if either switch is released. When the motor is switched off, a few sparks may be seen near the ventilation slots; this is perfectly normal and does not damage the tool in any manner.

For your safety and that of others:. Learn how to stop the motor quickly. From the kind and construction of the tool the foreseeable potential endangerments.

Use the cable clamp. Make sure it is connected to the socket without being forced. Inspect the machine for any damage and make repairs before restarting it again;.

To respect people and the environment:. If the symptoms occur, the length of time the machine is used must be reduced and a doctor consulted.

When cutting, always hold the machine firmly with both hands. Immediately stop the motor if the blades block while running or if they get caught up in the hedge branches.

The rear handgrip 1 can be adjusted to 5 different positions in relation to the cutting device to make trimming your hedges easier. The handgrip must only be adjusted when the motor is switched off.

The switch can be pressed when the release lever has correctly returned to its original position, and the handgrip is fitted in one of the 5 possible positions.

It is recommended to trim the two vertical sides of the hedge before trimming the top. Proceed to cut by using curved movements from the bottom towards the top, keeping the blade as far from the body as possible.

If the trimming device overheats whilst working, it is necessary to lubricate the internal surfaces of the blades. This operation must only be performed when the blades have stopped running and the motor is switched off.

Allow the motor to cool before storing in any enclosure. To increase the efficiency and working life of the blades, clean and lubricate them carefully after each work session.

To avoid overheating and damage to the motor, always keep the cooling air vents clean and free of sawdust and debris. Periodically check that the blades are not bent or damaged and that the fixed comb on the blade is intact.

Adjustment of the distance between blades is not necessary, as this is predetermined by the manufacturer.

If the blades are used correctly, following all the instructions provided, they will not require any maintenance work and will not need sharpening.

It is necessary to sharpen the blades only when the trimming performance decreases and the branches tend to stick together. If the electric cable is damaged, have it replaced with a genuine spare part by a qualified technician.

All maintenance operations not foreseen in this manual must be performed exclusively by your dealer. All and any operations performed in unauthorised centres or by unqualified persons will totally invalidate the warranty.

After every work stint, clean the machine thoroughly to remove all dust and debris, and repair or replace any faulty parts. The machine must be stored in a dry place away from the elements and out of the reach of children.

En cas de doute, contactez votre revendeur. Bon travail! Montage de la machine Utilisation de la machine Entretien et conservation Ne jamais modifier la fiche.

Porter toujours des lunettes de protection. Ne jamais utiliser la machine:. Siledispositifdetaillesurchauffetroppendantletravail, il faut lubrifier les surfaces internes des lames.

Dieses Handbuch wurde herausgegeben, um Sie mit Ihrer Maschine vertraut zu machen und diese sicher und wirksam einsetzen zu können.

Beachten Sie, dass das Handbuch ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Maschine ist. Halten Sie es stets griffbereit, um es jederzeit einsehen zu können, und liefern Sie es mit, sollten Sie die Maschine eines Tages an Dritte abtreten oder ausleihen.

Diese neue Maschine wurde nach den geltenden Bestimmungen entwickelt und hergestellt. Jede andere Verwendung oder die Nichtbeachtung der angezeigten Sicherheitsvorschriften beim Gebrauch bzw.

Dem Benutzer selbst dadurch entstandene oder Dritten zugefügte Schäden oder. Für dieses Elektrowerkzeug leisten wir unabhängig von den Verpflichtungen des Händlers aus dem Kaufvertrag gegenüber dem Endabnehmer wie folgt Garantie:.

Die Garantiezeit beträgt 24 Monate und beginnt mit der Übergabe die durch Originalkaufbeleg nachzuweisen ist. Bei kommerziellemEinsatzsowieVerleihreduziertsichdieGarantiezeitauf12Monate.

Gewaltanwendungen, Schlag und Bruch sowie mutwillige Motorüberlastung entstanden sind. Garantieaustausch erstreckt sich nur auf defekte Teile, nicht auf komplette Geräte.

Garantiereparaturen dürfen nur von autorisierten Werkstätten oder vom Werkskundendienst durchgeführt werden. Bei Fremdeingriff erlischt die Garantie.

Falls Sie kleinere Unterschiede zwischen der Beschreibung im Handbuch und der Maschine feststellen sollten, können Sie davon ausgehen, dass die in diesem Handbuch enthaltenen Informationen auf Grund fortwährender Verbesserungen des Erzeugnisses Änderungen unterliegen, ohne dass der Hersteller die Pflicht zur Bekanntgabe oder zur Aktualisierung hat, unter der Voraussetzung, dass sich die wesentlichen Eigenschaften für Sicherheit und Betriebsweise nicht verändern.

Im Zweifelsfall wenden Sie sich bitte an den Händler. Montage der Maschine Motor anlassen und ausschalten Wartung und Aufbewahrung Der angegebene Schwingungsemissionswert ist nach einem genormten Messverfahren ermittelt worden und kann für den Vergleich mit anderen.

Elektrowerkzeugen herangezogen werden. Der angegebene Schwingungsemissionswert kann auch zu einer vorläufigen Einschätzung der. Der Schwingugswert kann sich abhängig vom Einsatz und Einsatzwerkzeugen ändern und auch über dem angegebenen Wert liegen.

Sicherheitsbrille und Gehörschutz tragen. Elektrowerkzeuge erzeugen Funken, die den Staub oder die Dämpfe entzün-. There's nothing more irritating than missing a big win that should have been cashed out before automatically spinning away into oblivion.

In some games, bonus activations will automatically stop the "Autospin" mode for the user to interact with it and choose peculiar bonus options.

The Gamble button gives the users a chance to "double or nothing" their winnings in regular mode, or in the bonus round.

The prize is doubled if you win. If you make the wrong choice, then all of your winnings are lost. This was a common edition in Video Poker that carried over to free slot machine games without downloading or registration versions.

Some programs allow the player to keep risking their winnings indefinitely, possibly turning them into big payouts — or losing everything! The Stop Spin button allows you to control when the reels spin; it also controls when the spins stop as well.

Prizes or lost credits are instantly summed up after each spin in the balance box of the specific game screen. This box is normally clearly displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of the game's interface.

Be advised that the balance showed will change when the "Real Play" for actual cash is initiated. The credits usually renew to its demo credits balance automatically; whereas to play for real, you must credit your playable balance with funds prior to betting with actual money.

The term "Bank" simply means your bankroll that you have to bet with. This is your cash credits that you, of course, want to build up.

Banking your bets means that one starts at a minimum bet and gradually increases the bet if a winning streak starts. This tactic is commonly used so that the gambler can safely build up their "Bank" enough to risk a big bet for a chance for a large bonus, or an upper tier Jackpot.

All of the slots bonuses are predetermined by the developers' rules. Their functions are as diverse as the number of ways to trigger them.

For a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience, we have provided explanations of features below. Almost all free casino slot games with bonus rounds have these awesome features.

This consists of shooting or revealing predetermined hidden objects. Gamblers like this option because once triggered, it guarantees that they will land on a decent reward without wasting any funds.

The bonus round can also include the retriggering option — launching another free bonus round or free spins again while the bonus is enacted.

These cost-free rounds will pay according to your stake. Depending on the free casino slot machine you are playing, the screen during this round may look the same as for the base game, but in some cases, the colors or some new symbols might be added.

The online slots Free Spins round is usually triggered by 3 Scatter icons or more. The more Scatters, the higher is the number of Free Spins allotted.

This is the highest prize that can be won if certain conditions are fulfilled. The jackpot can be either fixed or progressive and, as a rule, can only be hit at the maximum bet.

With EGT games, for example, it is mostly required that a player successfully tops the Mystery Bonus, which is usually activated as a random event after a regular round is completed.

Ever come up just one short of hitting that big win and wished you had a do-over? Well, the Respin feature allows you to do that — for a price! This option allows only to spin that reel that is supposed to bring winning combos during the next spin, keeping all the other reels in a locked position.

The amount charged for any given respun line will correspond to the potential payout. For example, four out of the five icons needed in a row for that top prize to land in a matching line.

You pay for another spin, and only the missing icon in the selected line spins — winning or losing. Be advised that you will pay dearly in this example because of the potential odds and payout if you win.

When you play slot machine games for free or even more when you use your real bankroll, you will be looking for extra payouts. And this is can be achieved through the Multiplier feature.

It can come in many forms, although the concept is very simple. The image represents a set amount that will multiply your winning bet if the icon is included in the winning line.

Example: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, etc. Some Vegas slots online have a Wheel of Fortune feature incorporated to spice up the gameplay and reward more prizes.

This uses the old prize wheel concept to win several differing amounts, from small to large. The player spins the wheel and hopes to land on the top prize.

This feature is a great addition to the free slot games with bonus rounds no download no registration as it makes the gameplay even more exciting.

Before playing free online slots, start with one of the primary types — you can find them in the menu:.

This payback info is mostly provided by developers in the in-game rules. Since all casino games present on our site are licensed and created by only the safe and secure vendors, the info you read is true.

Slots RTP stands for an average amount of funds that have to be given back to users playing this game over quite a long period.

Though, if you just go for free slots no download no registration instant play games their RTP rates don't really matter as the wins are in virtual credits.

Most of the top slot games providers have titles with high RTP rates in their portfolio, but the winner in this category is NetEnt, for sure.

Both of these are progressives and can be found in the sea of our available slot machines. In regular, non-progressive slots, the highest payment is usually rewarded when five Wilds are matched on a given payline.

Play free slots online no download to experience the thrill of winning, without losing a cent of your hard-earned money! Below are the gaming modes available on this website.

We don't care where you are from, but we do care about your positive gaming experience and pleasant pastime.

The best time you have is the time you spend on yourself, catering to your desires and needs. And if you need to relax and unwind a little, what can be better than playing a fun game, which will not set your bank account short?

Here at SlotoZilla, you can play slot machines games online or other online casino games any time of the day, with no breaks and no curfews.

They're fun, entertaining and won't cost you a dime! Discover this magic world of free casino games, like free slots with bonus rounds, if you haven't done so already — it's got so much to offer you, without demanding anything in return.

If you're looking to spice up your regular gambling routine, choose to play the slot machine games with bonus features.

They are so different and complicated these days — the software developers are really trying to outdo each other with each next innovation. Some of the free casino slots games are worth trying just for the peek at that bonus!

You'll laugh, you'll gasp, and if you chose a scary thriller or a ghost story, you might even get startled once or twice.

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Free slot machines have the same mechanics as the real money games: the same design, features and paytable. The only difference is that the payouts are in credits and playing slots for free, you won't win real money.

If you play to win real cash, you need to make a deposit and play online slots in real money mode. To play free online slots, you need to find a gaming platform offering free casino games no download versions.

Look no further! You are at the right place! At SlotoZilla, you can play free casino games online without download or even registration required — all you need is an internet connection.

Filter the titles by provider, theme, type, etc. Free slots do not lack special features! Top casino games providers, along with the newcomers to the gaming industry, compete with each other in pursuit of the satisfaction of players' needs.

All of them are dedicated to increasing the player's chances of winning bigger prizes, either playing free slots or real money games.

While choosing online slots to play for free, pay attention to such factors: RTP, volatility, number of paylines and max payout. Mega Moolah slot is considered to be one of the best slots, due to its record-winning jackpot payouts.

Although the slots payouts are random, winning combinations in different games are triggered with a different frequency- this is called volatility.

The higher it is, the bigger payouts are but they are not frequent. The higher is the return to player rate, the better.

One of the best ways to pick the right title among the free slots with bonus features is to look at its payout percentage. Most of the popular gambling websites practice a no download and no registration policy.

This means that you get to try out the wide variety of no deposit games provided by the online casino out of cost, without signing up for a new account or without making a deposit.

All you need to do is to click on the title of your choice, make use of the free credits provided, and start spinning the reels.

The casino games free play will offer the same gambling experience that you get when playing for real money. This is a great tool to use to practice and to try out newly released casino games.

It offers you the chance to understand it better and to be in better shape when playing with real cash. Also, remember that online casinos usually offer no deposit free spins on one or some of the pop slots.

In other respects, they are the same for both free and real money modes. Usually, no. However, there are a few online casinos that offer the option to newbies to test certain titles out of cost once they register for an account.

There is no need to make any deposit to try these titles as you can get a free spins no deposit bonus just for becoming a member.

If you end up winning at free spins casino, then you can keep your winnings, yet with certain conditions to fulfill. Certain gambling websites provide players with a small no deposit bonus that they can enjoy when they sign up for an account.

No deposit free spins casino bonuses are mainly given to feel the taste of real gambling. Free slots, on the other hand, can be enjoyed without a bonus because you will be using playing credits, no need to spend a cash bonus on them.

For more information about free slots machines, you can read on Wikipedia. Demo broken. Wrong Demo.

Annoying pop-ups in demo. Incorrect game info. We use cookies as set out in our privacy policy. By clicking on this pop up, you agree to our policies.

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